A variety of formats await you as part of the DIGITEX Spring programme. The keynotes provide exciting impulses and encourage you to think outside the box. Here you will find an overview of the speakers at DIGITEX.

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These were the speakers at DIGITEX Spring

Various live formats await you at DIGITEX Spring. One component are the keynotes. Here you will find an overview.

Jens Uwe Meier

Seize the opportunities of the crisis now - How Corona accelerates the digital transformation

Dr. Jens Uwe Meyer | Thursday, 29.04.2021 at 11:30 pm

In 2021, the time after the Corona crisis will begin step by step. What will this look like? Since the first shutdown, everyone has become aware of the potential of digital transformation. Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer shows the actual opportunities that are now arising. Because the next few years will be characterised by even faster upheaval. It is essential to seize the opportunities of digitalisation now and turn companies into digital winners. A gripping keynote for live events, virtual conferences and hybrid events that take place live and are broadcast worldwide.

Introduction of the person

Dr Jens Uwe Meyer is a management mastermind, book author and digital entrepreneur. Making companies fit for the future - that is Dr Jens-Uwe Meyer's mission. He is an internationally sought-after keynote speaker on digitalisation, innovation and leadership. His lectures are scientifically sound, full of practical examples, interactive and entertaining


How to skilfully stage Home & Living

Dr. Christian Mikunda | Wednesday, 28.04.2021 at 11:30 pm

The current circumstances have made many people realise how important a beautiful home is. One's own home has been rediscovered as a place of well-being, a massage for the soul and the actual stage of life. <br> In order to make this new love for the home tangible, Home & Living must be skilfully staged. In a lecture developed especially for Digitex, Christian Mikunda demonstrates with numerous examples how this radiance can be achieved. What psychological highs are behind the tricks of the trade for skilful presentation at P.O.S, exhibition booth and online? And how do you avoid typical mistakes, such as the dreaded jumble totality? .

Introduction of the person

Dr. Christian Mikunda is considered a mastermind of the experience economy and the founder of shop dramaturgy (Wikipedia). <br> As a theoretician, he has taught at the University of Vienna for more than 30 years, was a visiting professor in Tübingen and Klagenfurt and a guest speaker at Harvard University in Boston. As a practitioner, he optimises airports and retail with his company CommEnt, develops brandlands and shopping malls and finds the red thread for cities and regions. <br> Christian Mikunda is a global speaker. His books are published in English, Chinese and Korean, among others.

Design lecture at DIGITEX Spring

The supporting programme will be rounded off by an inspiring lecture by a renowned design office.

Vortrag auf der DIGITEX
Expert lecture

Expert lecture: Ms Schmitz, Peclers Paris Design Office

30.04.2021 | 11:30 pm

Further information on this lecture will follow.

Liveshopping at the DIGITEX Spring

Special highlights of the supporting programme are the live shopping sessions, which are broadcast from our professional studios. Innovations coupled with great offers await you at DIGITEX Spring.

Liveshopping auf der DIGITEX

Liveshopping: Stöckel & Grimmler

28.04.2021 | 09:30 pm

Further information on this live shopping session will follow.

Liveshopping auf der DIGITEX

Liveshopping: Vossen

28.04.2021 | 14:00 a.m.

Further information on this live shopping session will follow.

Liveshopping auf der DIGITEX

Liveshopping: H.G. Hahn-Haustextilien

29.04.2021 | 09:30 pm

Further information on this live shopping session will follow.

Liveshopping auf der DIGITEX

Liveshopping: Centa-Star Bettwaren

29.04.2021 | 14:00 a.m.

Further information on this live shopping session will follow.

The keynotes at the first DIGITEX Home & Living in January 2021

During the first digital trade fair of the home and household textile industry in January 2021, we were able to attract exciting speakers for the event. You can see the special highlights listed below. For DIGITEX Spring 2021, we are already working at full speed on a new supporting programme that will provide you with exciting impulses.

Holger Schmitz

Foto: Nena Jägersberger


Living instead of gluing - condensing peak performance into success!

Dr. Holger Schmitz | 12.01.2021 at 2 pm

In his keynote speech, Dr. Holger Schmitz shows how to build long-term effective business relationships in order to sustainably expand market positions and live in partnership. In doing so, he covers everything from personal self-management to strengthening the entrepreneurial ability to innovate to a distinctive, REAL service concept! An inspiring keynote with an eye for the big picture - from practice for practice!

Introduction of the person

Dr. Holger Schmitz is managing partner of business elf® - management consultancy and has extensive practical leadership experience at the highest management level. As a proven expert in leadership & teamwork, he advises numerous companies in the areas of leadership development and effective cooperation.

Bernd Albl

Scoring on the digital retail playing field - trends & know-how for the digitalisation of retail spaces

Bernd Albl | 13.01.2021 at 9:30 a.m.

Through the use of digital technologies at the POS, more and more retailers are trying to link their shops with the digital world and thereby gain new target groups. The variety of digital tools for sales support is large, but the necessary added value for the customer is not always given. In this seminar, Bernd Albl from umdasch Digital Retail will shed light on those digital tools that retailers can use profitably for noticeably more staging at the POS. Using various examples from the retail world and use cases from the home textiles industry, he will provide the target group and the audience with an up-to-date overview.

Introduction of the person

Bernd Albl is Managing Director of the Digital Retail Division at umdasch The Store Makers. As a digitalisation expert, he assesses the relevance of different technologies for retail. The innovation manager brings his expertise in digital retail to client projects in a wide range of industries.

Teo Pham

The Future of Retail - what we need to learn from China, influencers and Generation Z

Dr. Teo Pham | 14.01.2021 at 2 pm

Retail and e-commerce are changing faster and faster: customers don't just want to search and find products, they want to discover new things, be inspired and entertained. Content and social media are becoming more and more relevant, to the point that they are completely merging with e-commerce. Whether it's direct-to-follower e-commerce, influencer marketing or live streaming, you have to be more innovative than ever in 2021 to survive in the market.

Introduction of the person

Dr Teo Pham is an expert in digital business models, e-commerce, online marketing and social media. His focus is on the trends of Generation Z, as well as from Silicon Valley and China. He is the founder of Delta School, the online business school for digital skills that helps companies to train their employees. As a content creator, blogger and podcaster, he reports daily on current digital trends. He has been named a 'Top Voice' by LinkedIn, and his LinkedIn channel is one of the widest reaching in Germany when it comes to digital innovation. Teo is also a sought-after keynote speaker and has appeared at international events in New York, Milan, Stockholm and Berlin. Previously, he worked as a professor for e-commerce and online marketing, as an e-commerce founder and in the field of media & venture capital.

Christina Hrdlicka

Fashion reimagined - Dissolving the boundaries between fashion, design & lifestyle

Christina Hrdlicka | 15.01.2021 at 2 pm

Why fashion forward means not only sustainability but also the breaking down of disciplines. What does fashion have to do with interior and wellness? Customer behaviour and needs are changing rapidly: everything we could learn from 2020 translated into a forward-looking design message.

Introduction of the person

Christina Hrdlicka is the founder and creative director of the fashion label Kalissi. She works as a designer for private clients and companies. Her design expertise spans fashion, textiles, product design and interiors. Her focus is on developing and creating creative and extravagant products and concepts that offer simple understanding, innovative solutions, functionality and JOY in our complex and fast-paced world. Her designs have been shown at international fashion fairs in Tokyo, London, Paris and Milan and have appeared in magazines such as: Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar. Previously, she worked as an art director and fashion photographer for regional and international clients.

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