DIGITEX Campus offers the optimal platform for training retail staff. By uploading training content, you have the opportunity to bring your brand identity to the point of sale. Staff training is on the one hand important employee development measures and on the other hand important for sales promotion.


Retailer Training on Demand

The importance of well-trained staff

Stationary retail has a strong competitor in online retail. A unique selling point of brick and mortar stores is the professional advice, the experience of products as well as the inspiration through product combinations. Irrespective of the fact that shopping in retail must become an experience, expert advice is a success factor in marketing. Sales staff must know the story behind products and develop a brand understanding. What does this brand stand for? For which target group are the products suitable? How can I reach potential customers with the products? Sales staff need to have answers to these questions. To do this, they need input from the industry. Sales staff act as a spokesperson for your brand. Good support is a fundamental basis for expanding your success through the trade.

Easy access
Make training content available to the retail in an uncomplicated way.
Sales promotion
Increase sales through a better flow of information.
Focused employee development
More employee satisfaction through personnel development
Reduce costs
Save resources of your field staff.

Retailer Training on Demand

Implementation of the retailer training platform

The industry partners have the possibility to post their training content on the DIGITEX Campus platform. Updating is possible at any time. The retailers are given the opportunity to register by their industry partners. In doing so, they set a password. From this point on, the sales staff has access to the training content. They can participate in selected courses independently and flexibly.

In addition to retailer training on demand, industry partners also have the option of conducting live training sessions. These also take place via the platform. An invitation is sent in advance. The live training sessions enable an even deeper exchange between industry and retail and are particularly suitable for new products that need to be explained.

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